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> General corporate communication
> Special corporate communication
> Specific branch requirements
> Corporate management documents
> Documents for market research / sales, advertising and marketing / public relations
> Documents for banks and insurance companies / other financial service providers
> Documents for trade / foreign trade
> Technical documentation / DTP / localisation
> Personal documents / translations for private clients

> General corporate communication
The Battenstein online translation service supports companies in producing multi-lingual documentation: general correspondence, reports, application documents, flyers, expertise reports, customer information, purchase agreements, licence agreements, articles for trade publication, newsletters.

Your document is translated by a native-speaker professional translator who is not only a specialist for the required combination of languages but also for the specific subject. Before you receive the professionally translated document by E-Mail, Battenstein guarantees stringent quality testing.

> Special corporate communication
Specialists with practical experience and professional translators optimise your translation needs and generate potential synergetic effects along the whole corporate value chain.

Translations of commercial texts: procurement, research and development, finance, industrial production, market research and marketing, product policy, trade and sales.

Talk to us about what you need! We can gladly name references for the corresponding areas!

> Specific branch requirements
Banking and insurance, industrial companies, trading companies, media and advertising agencies, service providers, TIMES companies, associations of many different kinds and branches have placed their trust in Battenstein Professional Translations since 1985.

We can also name personal references on request!

> Corporate management documents
Documentation for senior executives and top management is an important area of business for Battenstein. First rate quality, absolute punctuality and the trust of our clients acquired over many years bear reference to our services.
Investor relations, annual accounts, annual reports, international accounting and strategic corporate management are just a few examples of successful multi-lingual documentation produced by Battenstein.

We can gladly name personal references on CEO level on request!

> Documents for market research / sales, advertising & marketing / public relations
Battenstein's concept of using native-speaker professional translators helps companies to understand their customers over and beyond national frontiers. International advertising, international marketing, trade-fair shows, localisation, web publishing and other multi-lingual communication measures profit from Battenstein's services.

We can gladly name references from media and advertising agencies!

> Documents for banks & insurance companies / other financial service providers
Derivate new market segments and financial instruments, "financial translations" are highly dynamic. So are insurance developments. Allianz, corporate governance, global risk management, terror insurance. Battenstein financial translators are professionals with practical experience for professionals in practice.

We can gladly name the references of our customers!

> Documents for trade / foreign trade
Import, export, goods importation, exhibitions and trade fairs, trade regulations, import agreements, customs formalities. Your answer to global red tape: Battenstein translation service for the retail and wholesale trade.

We can gladly name references from the trade!

> Technical documentation / DTP / localisation
Specialists for specialists. Our Battenstein professional translators deal with:
manuals, software, online manuals, content management, energy industry, telecommunications, networks, LAN, Trados, corporate language, professional translations for mechanical engineering and plant construction.
Top-rate performance by Battenstein technical translations since 1985

We can gladly name references for the above areas on request!

> Personal documents / translations for private clients
Fast, simple and cost-effective is how the Battenstein online translation service works, dealing quickly and reliably with translations for passports, ID cards, exams, school and university certificates, legal family documents, alimony, CVs, medical documents, and much more besides.
It goes without saying that we can provide certified translations of your documents world-wide!

We can gladly name references of private clients!